Gravity RC G-Spec Touring Car Tires (TYPE A) "ASPHALT" Pre Mount GRC131

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Gravity RC G-Spec Touring Car Tires (TYPE A) "ASPHALT" Pre Mount GRC131

GRAVITY RC G-SPEC tires are boasted to be of the highest performance to compete with today’s high end TC tires at a reasonable price. The Beefy wheels are made from a  blend of plastic which includes Polycarbonate to be durable and Very true when fastened to your vehicle. The tires are easily distinguishable with the appropriate markings molded on the sidewall.  

Look for these to be the tire of choice at major events but also for club racers looking to up the pace on their competition.

G-SPEC'S come pre glued as a set of four. (24mm wide)

After tested on our local track, The shore level seems to be between 30-32 degree. Grip level is close to Sorex Tires.

It is most suitable for night time or winter racing. 

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