Gens Ace Power Bank 3.7v 10400mAh USB Portable Battery Charger for iPhone, Android Phone, Cell Phone and Tablets

Brand: Speedy RC
Product Code: Gens Ace Power Bank 3.7v 10400mAh
Availability: 8
Price: $120.00 $69.98
Ex Tax: $63.62
Tags: battery

Product Specification:

  • 1、Type:Portable Power Bank
  • 2、rated capacity:10400mAh/3.7V
  • 3、input voltage, DC 5V-1300mA (MAX)
  • 4、output voltage, 1)DC 5V-1000mA(MAX)2)DC 5V-2000mA(MAX)
  • 5、product Dimension:120(L)*75(W)*24(H)
  • 6、LED lighted:one LED output
  • 7、input interface:MINI 5P USB
  • 8、output interface:USB*2

Suits Ipad/Iphone/MP3/MP4/Samasung Galaxy Tab/PSP/NDS

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